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Please consider becoming a physician reviewer for Livanta. Joining our team of physician reviewers indicates a significant interest in continuing the improvement of quality and utilization of health care services to Medicare beneficiaries.

Every Medicare recipient has the opportunity to file an appeal or request a review of any care that he or she feels did not meet his or her concept of quality care. Livanta receives these cases directly from the beneficiary, and after receipt of the medical record sends the cases for review by independent physicians, most generally in the same specialty and Area as the beneficiary. It is a Medicare requirement to have cases reviewed in the beneficiary’s Area and case specialty whenever possible.

The name of the physician reviewer remains confidential throughout the process, and Livanta provides compensation for review services. In order to qualify as a physician reviewer, a physician needs to be board certified, actively practicing at least 20 hours per week, granted hospital privileges, and have no formal action against him or her. While Livanta cannot guarantee any pre-determined case volume commitments, your participation in the BFCC QIO program will help to maintain high standards of care for Medicare patients in your Area and in your specialty. At this time, Livanta is actively recruiting physician reviewers with the following specialties:

Cardiovascular Surgery

Emergency Medicine
Family Practice
Internal Medicine
Neurological Surgery

Orthopedic Surgery
Vascular Surgery

Physicians interested in learning more about the QIO program and Medicare appeals and quality of care reviews at Livanta should contact Rob Burns at 240-712-4361 or Via Email.