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Physician Attestation/Acknowledgement
- Information, directions, and more
Additional MOA Information
- FAQ about the MOA
MOA Template Download
- Complete the MOA using the template above
MOA Liaison Designation Template
- Update your MOA liaisons using the template above

Widget to website
-Component that allows user to link to the LivantaQIO website and download the LivantaCares Medicare Helpline app. Post on your website and electronic newsletters.

Physician Attestation/Acknowledgement

Physician Attestation / Acknowledgement

Learn more about physician attestation / acknowledgement, review the requirements, download the worksheet, and view helpful instructions.
Become a Physician Reviewer

Become a Physician Reviewer

Find out how to become a physician reviewer for Livanta. Joining our team of physician reviewers indicates a significant interest in continuing the improvement of quality and utilization of health care services to Medicare beneficiaries.