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When Livanta sends a provider a request for certain medical records, the request is accompanied by a cover sheet for the return package. When the provider, or its document handling agent, sends the records to Livanta, it should record on that cover sheet the number of pages and the postage in the spaces provided. Livanta will then reimburse for the pages and postage during the next billing cycle, in accordance with the following CMS rules:
1 No per page amount is paid for CDs, faxes, or (when available) electronic submissions.
2 No per page amount is paid for duplicate copies unless prior arrangements have been made with Livanta.
3 Per page amount will be either $.12 or $.15 depending on how CMS has classified the facility.
4 Per page amounts are for the paper; therefore, a page with information on both sides is still considered one page for reimbursement purposes.
5 Postage is paid at the first class U.S. Postal Service rate or the rate indicated on the cover sheet or package, whichever is least.
6 Postage is paid for CDs. Be sure to put the postage amount on the cover sheet of the CD.
7 Where multiple records are in the same package, Livanta divides the amount of the postage by the number of cases and assigns an equal amount of the postage to each case involved.
8 Only providers will be paid; no vendors will be paid.
9 Livanta will not acknowledge, save, or pay based on invoices from the provider or a document handling agent.
10 Livanta will not discuss payment for any case with a document handling agent; only a provider may discuss payment.

Please call the Livanta phone number on the medical records request if there are questions or concerns.